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Lies I have told people.

 - Brian

Here's a list of deliberate lies I have told people over the last 6 months:
NOTE: Following the lie, I will tell you what I was actually thinking.

I'll get that done ASAP I'll never get that done but I say I will to make myself sound responsible.

Nice haircut It looks like crap.

I completely agree Your opinion viciously sucks but I'll agree anyway to avoid a fight.

Is it just me or have you lost weight? You fat lard, you haven't lost a pound. Get off the pizza and marshmallow diet, please!

No, she's ugly. Any guy who thinks she's hot is a pansy No, actually she's gorgeous, but I want her all to myself.

I wouldn't want to offend anyone If you weren't such a PC freakshow, I'd offend everyone within a 100-mile radius.

Cool shoes What were you smoking when you bought those?

I guess that rock band's okay... No, they stink more than your haircut, but I don't feel like getting into an argument.

AC/DC sucks No, they are the epitome of suckage. They suck more than a black hole. They suck so much that L:FKJLSERJ:LKJGLSKJGLKJSDLKJldkjafljkdlks!!!!

I just finished an interview with THE Michael Moore over the phone. I'll post that later.


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