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Do you people have ANY decency?

 - Brian

****it! I'm outraged!! At who?! AT THE MORONS SHOOTING at SUPPLY helicopters!! You idiots! I couldn't be that stupid even if I tried. SHOOTING at the only help you might have for a long time? What the (insert profanity here)- ?

If you have had access to a paper, a TV, or a friend in the last week, then you've heard about the MURDERS taking place in the Superdome -- and RAPES!
For once, I actually thought that the American victims would join together and help each other out. I guess I was dreadfully incorrect. C'mon, people? How does murdering and violating women help the situation? Oh wait, it doesn't. Fools.


This is going out to all the fine police officers "helping" New Orleans. First off, stop trying to prevent looters from stealing. Looters are the last thing you should worry about. Besides, in case you haven't noticed, PEOPLE NEED FOOD, CLOTHS, AND WATER. Just give it up.
This message also applies to the news media. Stop making big crap out of the looting. It's for the people's own good. Besides that, the majority of the products are gunna go to waste anyway, in which case, it would be pointless trying to keep the people from the food and cloths.
Sorry if my use of basic logic confused you; I know its hard trying to think in times of chaos. Trust me, I'd be making the same mistakes if I were you...NOT!!!

...And yes I'm angry!


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