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We're outa here!

 - Brian

Hey y'all, on Sunday, Joe, James and I are going to a Catholic boys' camp for a week. Until then, it's up to the other members of Blog Hogger to update this thing.

Before I depart, I'd like to reference you to some other blogs/sites you can hang out at while we're gone:

Saint in Training: This blog is updated by the first person to comment on any of my blogs. On this blog, Daiko posts about her personal status. She also link to some pretty cool sites.

Green Flash: awesome blog. Green Flash contemplates Catholic teachings and such. Very informative -- go check it out.

Combat Madness!: The coolest flash game ever created. Pretty violent, but still a lot of fun. I liked this game so much that I actually downloaded the source code for it so that I could familiarize myself with the code you use to make flash games. One of my favorite blogs. Gordon and Geoff link to interesting news articles and give their humorous opinions on them. Although I don't agree with the Dogsnot guys on everything, they sure provide solid blog material. WARNING: if you are a profaniphobe, be careful. Gordon and Geoff can cuss up a storm. C'mon guys, do you seriously kiss yo' mamma with that mouth? j/k :)

Stick A cool collection of stick oriented flash games.

I'm outa time, so see you next week!


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