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My Summas, Part 2: God

 - James

I am pretty surprised that Atheists exist at all, at least, I'm surprised that Type 1 Atheists exist (see my last post for my definition of a "Type 1 Atheist"). This is because the logic that makes the case for the existence of a Creator is, to me, very simple and very hard to argue. It is this:
Ask an Atheist where the Universe came from, and they may well tell you something to the effect of "It started as a tiny ball of extremely densely packed matter, which spontaneously exploded at some point in pre-time. The exploded matter went swirling around and around, until it eventually settled into planets, galxies, stars, and the like." Or they may simply say "The Big Bang," and keep a long story short. Now, if you want to stay on their case, you will then ask them "But where did that ball come from?" They may answer to the effect of: "Well, it probably came around from a previous universe. See, scientists think that the universe has been going through a cycle, where it explodes, then compresses into a ball again, explodes, then compresses, explodes, compresses, in a never-ending cycle. Our universe is part of that cycle." Or, they may simply say "The Big Bang 'n' Crunch Cycle," and keep a long story short.
Now, whether that is true, whether the Big Bang really happened, and whether our universe will eventually collapse on itself, may be true. I don't know, and that's not the point here. The point is that, with those replies, we still don't get a satisfactory answer. Why? Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, I'll plow ahead:
Our universe is swarming with cycles. Planets cycle around their suns, the tides cycle in and out, living things cycle with birth, reproduction, and death...almost everything goes around and around. However, these cycles all had to start somewhere. Even though they can (theoretically) go on forever, they didn't exist forever. Same rules apply to the supposed "Big Bang 'n' Crunch Cycle". Something else had to start the cycle; something else had to make that little marble of matter, so it could explode and start everything else off, because, as we all know, it's physically impossible to make something out of nothing. But waaaaay, waaaay back, that has to be what happened, because, as we all know, it's physically impossible for something to have just existed forever. So, how can this irritating little paradox be resolved? One word
God, because He can make something out of nothing, and He has existed forever.
So, to make a long story short: There has to have been an intelligent Creator of the Universe, because, quite simply, nothing else is possible.


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