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Oh The FIC Won't Let Us Be...

 - Brian

Have any of you jokers heard the latest news? An international government commission known as the Federal Internet Commission (FIC) has issued a new rule:
“Any weblog/websites that has any inappropriate material (without a license) will be either taken off the internet OR fined.”

Aint that just a bunch of cat crap…oops. I wonder if that’s inappropriate? I seriously hope they give the specifics for this new “rule” they have issued. Speaking of “inappropriate material”, I’ve recently received an email from a woman who is offended by Professor Dipshnit’s emails and his last name. This is the only thing I’ve got to say to this uptight disaster: “WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR STINKIN’ PROBLEM, LADY? HAVEN’T YOU EVER HEARD OF AN INNOCENT JOKE BEFORE?!?” Alright, I think I got THAT out of my system for now(a little harsh, though).
Well, if you’re wondering, here’s the email this person has sent me (I have not changed a thing):

Web Master,

I was deeply offended by the offensive emails that you have brainlessly put on your blog. I am a young mother of 2 and I am appalled that you call youself a Christian. My 14-year-old son has been reading the garbage you post on your website. He has printed out the “Dipshmit emails” and has shown them to his little friends. Once I took a look at the Dipshnit emails, I was in utter shock. For one thing, I seriously doubt that there is such a person with the last name, “Dipshnit”. Also, I find it very crude of you to add to your site a person with the name “Dipshnit”. I do believe you know what “Dipshnit” sounds like, don’t you? A VERY NASTY INAPPROPRIATE WORD that should not be used by any Christian person.

I find the material on your website to be generally clean, but do me a favor, please clean up your language.

Barbara Spritel

(please keep my last name confidential)l

There you go. I purposely gave out her last name just to be a jerk. Alright, back to the FIC thing. I understand that some internet material is pretty dirty, but do you really need a license to use profanity? I think that’s being a little too sensitive…don’t you think? If you have not heard yet, a lot of people are trying to get Howard Stern (a perverted radio talk show host) off the radio. I can understand trying to get a nasty, perverted talk show host off the radio, but trying to clean up the INTERNET is just stupid. There’s a big difference between national radio and the World Wide Web!

That’s all the ranting I’m gonna do for today, so remember, we're all in this together (no kidding)!


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