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Short Little Phrases That Can Get You Fired

 - Brian

Here's some short little phrases that can get you fired in a heartbeat:

"oops": commonly used by plastic surgeons after conducting a failed operation

"I WANT MY MOMMY!!!": This phrase is used by Army Rangers before parachuting out of a plane

"Do you know that over 2 billion people die from smoking each year?": Used by Camel employees to costumer when they ask for a pack of cigarettes

"Listen, I don't want to hurt you. Let's just settle our differences in a calm sort of manner": Mostly used by pro boxers and can get YOU in a lot of trouble

"Violences is not the answer!": This phrase is used by suicide bombers who really want to get fired

(hehehe) These are just a few Short Little Phrases That Can Get You Fired. Remember, be very careful when you use Short Little Phrases That Can Get You Fired!


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