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A lot of things to cover................................

 - Brian

Hola. I have a *LOTTA* things to cover in this one post. The reason is that my father told me I could only make on post today. Kinda makes you think, huh? Well, first of all, Pete is taking the place of our long, lost partner, Ivan. He'll be smearing his stuff on the blog soon enough.

By the way, Pete says that the links on the right side are not showing up on his browser. What about you? Can you see them?

Right. Well, anyway, If you have not noticed, I've added a little "instant message board" on the right hand side. So if you're on our little site while some one else is, you can try to talk with them. Cool, huh?
I'm gonna try to make it a little more visible sooner or later.

On last thing:

Look, I know all these little upgrades to Blog Hogger aren't that interesting to you people who don't read the blog that often, but you gotta give me credit for figuring all this fancy Java and CSS stuff out. I'm only 13.

Oh ya, here's the new Blog Hogger rule/moto:

"If you can't say post anything nice, don't post anything at all!"


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