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Cyber Retard

 - Brian

I'm a cyber retard. At least I'm humble enough to admit that. Now, this probably didn't take you that long to figure it out, but I'm REALLY into surfing the net and everything. You would expect me to play lots and lots of online games and watch online movies, right? Well, I would, only there's one small problem: I'M STUCK WITH DIAL UP INTERNET. If you think DSL is too slow, you have not seen dial up. It takes about 5 minutes just for a stinkin' page to load up and even longer if there's pics on the it. WAAAHHHHHH!! Now you know why I'm so depressed.
In other words, having dial up is being a full-time cyber retard. You're just a big speed-bump on the fast-paced cyberspace freeway.

Oh, well.


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