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Hey PEOPLE!!!!!!!

 - Ivan

OK I'm back once more after long has it been?.....Well, who cares. Anyway I'm back and I have some kick arse news. These past months I have vigorously poured my blood, sweat, and tears into something of GREATNESS!!! I'm working on some intense maps for a series I've started titled Starcraft Flood Wars. Utilizing the Halo CE (Custom Edition) engine and 3ds Max. Before you start drooling upon the screen, savor it for these screenies of some custom models I'm using. I'll be releasing it none other than HERE! No release date has been made yet, but in the mean time I'll release some Halo CE maps that are (Brian will elaborate more) pretty intense/SWEET!!! Such as a flood invested Beaver Creek with marines getting blown a way every second, custom gun turrets, A H2 Master Chief biped and, a custom SAWs gun with a battle rife look to it. If you have dial-up and try to download these files feel free to smash your face into the keyboard repeatedly until you get something faster!! Here are the ACTUAL MODELS I WILL BE USING!!! Later.

Starcraft Marine Model

Second Marine Model

Final Marine

Starcraft Bunker

Dawn of War tank


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