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 - Ivan

OK I have finished a beta version of an extremely kick arse map. For Halo Custom Edtition. For all of you people who have been living in the dark all these years and, sadly don't know what it is, I'll tell you. "Halo Custom Edition or HCE is a free of charge multiplayer expansion
released by BUNGI. It allows user created maps to be played online and as well as custom single player maps utlizing the Halo engine." An excerpt from my read-me file. So if you have Halo PC download my map PRONTO!! But remeber it's just a beta, I have to work out a couple of problems still (like the grenade chain reaction resulting in a nuclear explosion!) please send feedback as well! In the final I'll probably add some opera music to accompany the sheer chaos erupting all over the map, plus I put FLOOD WITH FLAME THROWERS ON THERE, HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Also Yeah, I know, I posted twice in one week, amazing isn't it!!!! Here's the map file, MAKE SURE you read ALL the DIRECTIONS!!! One more thing, when you go to the download link, it's infested with ads so the download thingy might be hard to fine. The download button is in the middle of the page

I recomend playing this map with the 3rd person view hack, available here:


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