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Hello y'all!

 - Martha

Hello everybody! Most of you probably have already seen my numerous comments on this blog and perhaps already have argued with me :), but I'm Martha and I have recently been invited by Brian to post on here. So I'll be popping up here and there.

For now, I just have to say that I am really sick of politics right now! I am sick of listening about Iraq, China, terrorists, Hillary, and just in general of the left's pathetic arguments. Mostly, I'm just really sick of listening to defeatism and how much America sucks from the media non-stop. Just so everyone knows, America is the greatest country in the world and although we have forgotten some of the things that have made us great, we will prevail against any threats as long as people are determined to not give up! Since when has pessimism been the predominate feeling in America? I have no respect for pessimists. Life is much to short to be fearful and worry constantly. Carpe diem('seize the day' for you non-Latin scholars) and live your life regardless of what's going on! So don't let the gloom get to you! Be optimistic! And always remember that the media is twisting everything and that there is always good things in the midst of the worst storms! In the meantime, tell anyone you know that if they vote for Hillary in 2008 that you'll shoot them and make it look like an accident :D.

In other news, I finished the new Harry Potter book! It was wonderful and I really liked it although I almost cried at the end, but that means it was good! In my opinion the book built on the plot beautifully and overall is showing the grown-up Harry, who is ready to take on Lord Voldemort in the next book and prehaps win, and not the whiny little brat of the previous book. I could say more, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I don't think the above statements contained any spoilers...

Have a good week!

*God Bless America!*


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